Sencha, Sora 2018・煎茶

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This sencha green tea was made with a cultivar known as "sora," which originates from Taiwan and is usually reserved for oolong teas. Its flavor profile is one of the most unique we have tasted for senchas: the tea begins with vegetal notes — typical of sencha teas — then finishes with the highly floral, aromatic tang those familiar with Taiwanese oolongs will recognize. It brews with little bitterness and no astringency.

Senchas are the most commonly drunk loose leaf teas in Japan, making up 70% of the country's tea production. It is usually highly vegetal and seaweed-like in flavor. The most revered senchas strike a perfect balance of vegetal flavor, sugaryaroma, bitterness, and astringency.

Notes of grass and gardenia.

Harvested: May 2018

Cultivar: sora

Comes with 24 grams (6 servings)

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How to brew:

4 grams (1 spoonful) / 170° F / 150 ml (5 oz) / 1 min

The easiest way to brew loose leaf teas is in a reusable tea bag or with a teapot that has a built in filter. See our recommendations in our brew set-up guide.