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Overhead view of honyama sencha tea leaves
Side view of honyama sencha tea leaves
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Side view of honyama sencha tea packaging

Sencha, Honyama 2019・煎茶

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Crafted from yabukita, one of the earliest cultivars registered by Japan's agricultural research center (NARO) in 1953, this tea is well balanced: strong yet not overpowering, fragrant yet approachable. The first sip delivers a rich vegetal profile and a light, pleasant astringency. The finish is floral and sweet. It is a wonderful representation of the tea upon which most senchas are based.

Senchas are the most commonly drunk loose leaf teas in Japan, making up 70% of the country's tea production. It is usually highly vegetal and seaweed-like in flavor. The most revered senchas strike a perfect balance of vegetal flavor, sugary aroma, bitterness, and astringency.

Notes of geranium & bell peppers.

Harvested: May 2019

Cultivar: yabukita

Comes with 24 grams (6 servings)

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How to brew:

4 grams (1 spoonful) / 165° F / 150 ml (5 oz) / 1 min

The easiest way to brew loose leaf teas is in a reusable tea bag or with a teapot that has a built in filter. See our recommendations in our brew set-up guide.