Saemidori Gyokuro, 2018・玉露

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This gyokuro is sweetly aromatic, full-bodied in texture, and deeply flavorful. It highlights gyokuros in their best light; we encourage you to try brewing it with just 30 ml of water, though that potency might be a bit strong to drink every day. It possesses little bitterness and no astringency.

This gyokuro is made from the saemidori cultivar, a cultivar developed specifically for gyokuros but one not often found in Shizuoka due to its low resistance to cold. The cultivar is known for its pungent umami and deep green color.

Gyokuro is like matcha in many ways. It is most commonly brewed strong, partly grown in the shade, and carries both weight and ceremony in Japan's history with tea. We liken gyokuros to champagne / sparkling wines — the best ones are incredible to experience and should be brewed in the every day, not just special occasions.

In the final 2-3 weeks of their growth, tea producers cover the tea trees destined for gyokuros with straw or nylon tarps. This prevents direct sunlight, which results in the leaves retaining more l-theanine, the compound responsible for umami, and avoiding the growth of catechins, which result in bitterness. The name "gyokuro" translates as "jewel dew" or "jade dew", referring to the pale green color of resulting brew. They are always hand-picked.

Notes of stewed seaweed and bone broth.

Harvested: May 2018

Cultivar: saemidori

Comes with 24 grams (6 servings)

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How to brew:

4 grams (1 spoonful) / 140° F / 30 ml (1 oz) / 2 min

The easiest way to brew loose leaf teas is in a reusable tea bag or with a teapot that has a built in filter. See our recommendations in our brew set-up guide.