How to Brew Green Teas

Tea is the beverage of choice for many around the world, and brewing tea is often associated with its cultural ceremonies, rooted in practice and ritual. However, brewing a delicious cup of tea at home is quite simple and can be done using your tools at home. You may find yourself creating your own ritual as you develop how you enjoy your tea!
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Brewing overview

Brewing is a function of temperature, time, and quantity of leaves. Unlike coffee, tea is much more forgiving when it comes to brewing. Where coffee has a very small window between under-extraction and over-extraction, tea has a wide range that allows you to play with its different flavors. Brew a bit hotter and you extract more potent flavors , brew cooler and you extract more delicate aromas and texture.
Here are the general ranges for brewing green tea:
Temperature: 140-180ºF
Time: 30 sec-2 min
Quantity: 4-8 grams
As you decrease one of the variables — let’s say, brewing at 140º — you’ll want to increase another — 2 minutes.
Here is the brewing guideline that we recommend starting with:
Temperature: 160ºF
Time: 1 min
Quantity: 4 grams
We also include specific brewing guidelines for each of our teas.

What you'll need

Kettle, preferably temperature-controlled*
Teapot with built-in strainer or cup with teabag
Digital scale
Filtered water**
Water cooling pourer / serving pourer, optional

* If you do not have a temperature-controlled kettle, you can approximate the temperature of water by touch. The water temperature is in the right range if it feels hot but does not scald your hand.

** Filtered water removes the mineral deposits that are left in drinking water. Filtering the water results in cleaner, more vibrant flavors.

Step 1

Bring your water to the specified temperature. Weigh out your tea. If using a teabag, fill the teabag.
Tekuno - weighing tea leaves

Step 2

Warm your brewing vessel (teapot or cup) with the water, then pour it out. This helps keep your tea the right temperature as it’s brewing.
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Step 3

Add the tea leaves. Fill with water, making sure to fully saturate the leaves. Set your timer.
Tekuno - prepare to pour tea

Step 4

Pour the tea out completely into your cup or serving pourer. If using a teabag, swirl it 5-10 times and squeeze it before removing — this extracts the concentrated tea in the teabag.
Tekuno - pouring tea

Step 5

Once you have finished your tea, you can brew the tea a second time. Repeat steps 1-4, raising the water temperature 5-10º and increasing the timer by 30 seconds.
Tekuno - showing tea leaves
See our guide for what brewing tools we recommend.
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