Porcelain Kyusu, Yoshimura Toen

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This porcelain teapot comes from the Yoshimura Toen kiln from Nagasaki. Its style, known as hasamiyaki, is traditionally found in Hasami City and comes from porcelain-making traditions in Korea. Hasamiyaki is fired at extremely high temperatures, transforming the glaze to glass, so there is no absorption of flavor from the tea—this is a quiet, understated kyusu for brewing roasted teas, such as hōjicha. Its pale blue-white hue and round bottom makes for easy clean-up.

Brews 170ml / 5.75oz



Before first use, rinse it in hot water then let it dry completely. Avoid placing in a place with high temperatures,​ such as a microwave, oven, or stove. Hand wash with soap.


After use, always let it dry completely.

For additional instructions on how to use, please see our brew guide.