Mochi Pick-Up 🍡 & an Iced Tea Recipe

Tekuno mochi program narrow

Mochi! I am very excited to share the arrival of Tekuno's mochi program. As mentioned in my last letter, I have been testing mochi recipes throughout shelter-in-place; I have always wanted Tekuno to have a sweets program (here is an old mochi testing photo) but thought it might come later, once the retail shop was more established. Given we have so much time on our hands, now seems like the perfect time to try something new!

A bit about the program: made by hand here in our Tekuno kitchen, the weekly selection will rotate regularly based on the freshest produce available at the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer's Market. I hope to present elevated, familiar favorites that bring you back to your time wandering the alleyways of Kyoto, as well as explore the depths of wagashi, a culture of sweets that has long traditions with Japanese tea ceremony.

This week's choice is strawberry mochi (いちご大福・ichigo daifuku), made Tokyo-style with the strawberry peeking out. It is filled with shiroan, sweet white bean paste, and a touch of miso for umami and balance. A delightful combination.

Pre-order your mochi here. Available for pick-up on Saturdays, from 1-5pm. Kindly complete your pre-order before Thursday evening. I will have a few boxes available for walk-ups as well. I hope it will brighten your leisurely weekend teatime or outdoor picnic 🤗🌸🍓

Tekuno mochi box of 4

Tekuno mochi close-up

Now, onto tea things. With summertime fully upon us here in San Francisco, I wanted to share an iced tea recipe I use often at home. There are two ways to make iced tea: brewing the tea hot then chilling over ice, or cold brewing. The first method, below, takes less time—I will share a cold brew recipe in a future letter.

Iced Green Tea for One
12 oz filtered or spring water
4g green tea (kukicha is sublimely sweet and honyama sencha is quite rich)

1. Bring your water to 176ºF.
2. Add tea leaves. Brew 3 minutes for a lighter flavor or 5 minutes for a stronger tea. (I prefer to brew stronger; you can always add cold water to dilute if it is too strong for your liking)
3. Strain and pour immediately over a cup of ice. Enjoy!

To summer delights,