An Iced Hojicha Latte Recipe

It's June now, and we're entering classic San Francisco June weather: some days are blindingly beautiful, not a cloud or puff of wind in sight, sunshine tickling every corner of the city, a smile across every face in the city. Other days—like today as I am writing this—cloudy, blustery... weather is one part of life we cannot control.

What can we control? I have found food and drink has remarkable influence over how I feel, not only physically but also my outlook on life and even the state of the world. I often jest that the drink I choose (which variation of green tea, but coffee, wine and others too) depends on—and even shapes—my mood and I do mean that sincerely. A delicious morsel or sip can reawaken your senses, changing your frame of reference, recrafting the narrative in your head.

One of my favorite recipes is this hōjicha latte, which is the perfect pick-me-up on warm summer days. Hōjicha is roasted green tea, naturally low in caffeine. Since you do not have fermentation and oxidation as with oolongs and blacks, hōjicha is fairly straightforward in flavor, an every day drinker rather than a special occasion brew.

Iced Hōjicha Latte

  • 10g hōjicha leaves
  • 8oz milk (oat milk is my preferred choice for tea lattes)
  • 6oz filtered water
  • 1tbsp honey
  • Ice

On the stove, bring water to a boil. Add hōjicha leaves and simmer for 5 minutes. Once 5 minutes has passed, stir in honey and mix to dissolve.

Fill a tall glass with milk and lots of ice, leaving 1/3 of the cup for the tea.

Strain sweetened hojicha tea into the milk and ice. If you prefer a less watery brew, allow the tea to cool first before mixing.


Saturday Mochi Pick-Up

On the topic of small pick-me-ups, you can pre-order mochi for pick-up from our San Francisco shop this Saturday. We rotate the mochi each week based on produce we find at the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer's Market.

This week's selection is a final reprise of strawberry mochi (ichigo daifuku) before strawberry season leaves us for the year. I hope you will enjoy, as I will certainly enjoy preparing and taste testing 🙃🍓


"I guess the same is true of our human society — things can look dark, then a break shows in the clouds, and all is changed, sometimes rather suddenly."
—E. B. White