Japanese Tea Knowledge

Complete List of Japanese Tea Cultivars

After 1953, when Japan created a tea cultivar registration system under the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), farmers began cataloging and systematizing the creation and development of tea cultivars, members of the camellia sinensis family that are bred to contain specific characteristics. Today, Japan—and most tea-growing regions—have established centers to research and develop new varietals and strains. Carefully bred cultivars enable farmers to grow tea plants that do well in the given climate (for example, certain cultivars resist frost better), but this also translates to aroma and flavor profile. Arguably green teas exhibit their cultivars better than any other type of tea,...

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What is Tea? Varietals and Cultivars

All tea comes from the same plant: the camellia sinensis. The most common types of tea—green, white, oolong, black/red, and puerh—are formed by taking the same tea leaf and processing it differently post-harvest.

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